10w Wireless Led Table Lamp Charger

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10w Wireless Led Table Lamp Charger
  • The bedside lamp offers 3 level brightness options (Low, Medium, High).The table lamp is so sensitive that you can easily switch light modes with a simple touch on light bar.
  • [10W Fast-Charging]: A high-efficiency chipset of table lamp provides 10W high-speed charging for iOS and Android devices so that your phone can get a boosted 10W charge at 10% faster than other wireless chargers.
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  • 10W Fast-Charging
  • Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger: This LED night light provides the phone wireless charging function, put your smartphone on the lamp base to get charged; Make sure your phone model support wireless charging
  • Power input: DC5V/2. 1A 9V/1.67A
  • Power output: DC5V/1A 9V/1.2A
  • USB type C port
  • Charging efficiency: 75%
  • Power: 5W/7 .5W/10W

Wireless Charger With Led Portable Table Lamp

The bracket is easy to install and free up more space for you.
Automatically turn off the power to prevent overcharge, no need to worry that the phone will be charged for a long time.
10W high-power charging output can provide fast charging without interfering with other operations, so your mobile battery is safe.
Charging sensing distance, enjoy smooth wireless charging together with the phone case. Enjoy 360-degree and easy-to-charge wireless charging. touch-the button desk lamp to get rid of the trouble of frequently plugging in the charging head,
Please confirm that your phone supports wireless charging

Weight400.00 kg
Dimensions230 × 220 × 390 cm

Black, White, Wood

42 reviews for 10w Wireless Led Table Lamp Charger

  1. K***A

    Just super! Thank you very much, the quality is excellent, very stylish

    no remark

  2. S***u

    As described item.

  3. A***v

    Excellent charger-night light! It came quickly. The light is turned on and off by double touch. My van plus 8 pro normally charges in a thin case giving out about 5 watts. Great thing! Recommend.

  4. J***Z

    Buen producto y la luz para mesilla de noche a la mitad de intensidad va sobrado

  5. E***a

    Fast delivery, well packed, How works I do not know yet. Seller recommend

    no remark

  6. D***s

    For your money, a very cool thing

  7. A***n

    The charging speed is very fast and the lighting design is very interesting, and also the night light can be used. Light, soft and bright No. office and home is very good and very comfortable

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  8. D***h

    Quality at the highest level, the backlight is adjustable, like a super night light! Charging quality, does not overheat the device and does not interrupt, I recommend, the seller is top!!!

    no remark no remark no remark

  9. A***v

    Delivery to ekb about a month. Track tracked. The product corresponds to the description. I did not check the work.

  10. K***o


    no remark

  11. S***v

    Only 5 stars, this wireless charging. Build quality for 5. about the charge, 10W gives its exact. A large area of phone capture, do not have to catch the contact of the phone with the charger. The backlight is activated by double touch on the touch button, 3 brightness modes, turns off as double touch. To buy I recommend! Seller Thank you!

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  12. L***a

    It's perfect. Works very well with samsung.
    3 light intensity. The oval button is used to adjust the intensity. To load put the tel at the level of the cross. Foldable and lightweight. Very satisfied

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  13. K***a

    Charges, but you need to put strictly in the center. Works only from the network. To turn off the light, you need to drive, turns off not the first time

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  14. I***v

    Cool lamp, shines brightly, qualitatively made.

  15. G***r

    Mega fast delivery, two weeks, goods at altitude, everything works as it should be especially this night light, there are three modes of brightness touch button, I really liked it, I advise you you very high quality charger just a bomb 5 +++++ honest review, it's very cool, the goods are just a bomb!!! ))))

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  16. S***k


  17. R***a

    Lamp wonderful, polished, charger good

  18. M***e

    This time I bought it for my dad. He was very satisfied with it. It will not hurt his eyes when looking at the phone at night. It is very convenient, and it can be charged. It can be charged when you put it on. My dad also likes it. I plan to buy another one for myself. When used, the price was also very favorable.

  19. N***s

    The charging speed is very fast. It can also be used as a night light at night. It is also very convenient for me to use it when I go to work. I can turn on the night light at night, which is very convenient. The phone can be charged when I put down the phone.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  20. M***n

    Wireless charging is very good,

    no remark no remark no remark

  21. V***n

    A wireless charger that can be hand-held, I put it in the office very convenient to use, but also can turn on the LED light, three-color adjustment, does not hurt the eyes

    no remark no remark no remark

  22. C***r

    I just got it, and I feel pretty good after using it.The wireless charger also has a night light, so you can charge the phone when you put it on
    , Very convenient, the lighting is also very good, you can adjust the three colors,
    Very simple, compact and convenient to charge,
    I plan to buy another one for my baby to read

  23. H***r

    Use this very easy. At home baby birth is very convenient. Night lights for turning up or not. Charging is very convenient. LED lighting is what color touch light. Appearance like high charging speed.

    no remark no remark no remark

  24. S***a

    Wood is durable afoot to USB cable with touch switch is very convenient and holding in can.

    no remark no remark no remark

  25. Z***7

    Frankness is a product of magnificence and fast delivery despite my inconvenience to the seller, but it arrived quickly we apologize to the seller and thank him for communication and the speed of the answer

    no remark

  26. P***a

    Friends use wireless charger in high price is pretty good and convenient charging.
    Three color lighting, please and unsatisfactory.
    For one more year old plan's very great is the

  27. K***T

    Charger is small and convenient to put down and when charging is very convenient lower than others. Lighting is cool or touch feeling and very simple.
    Reading your eyes does not break.
    Multifunctional wireless charger

  28. A***o

    Charging speed is very fast and lighting design is very interesting and also with night light can be used.
    Light is soft and glaringly No.
    Office and home is very good and very convenient.

    no remark no remark no remark

  29. A***s

    This is a very practical high charging speed.
    Item dimensions of this very fashion T-shirt black and three color touch light can be adjusted.
    Mobile phone is at night without hurting the eyes.

    no remark no remark no remark

  30. A***n

    Shipping is fast and appearance is high and I also like,
    Charger is also very convenient.
    Charger is also very sensitive.
    Just wearing before first use

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  31. N***A

    Three stage adjustable fancy small table lamp, this touch switch lamp, very convenient wireless charging dock and workmanship are very recommended.
    Surface is smooth because bedside lamp use it as or mobile phone wirelessly charge.

  32. S***e

    With LED lights, charging is very convenient, led adjustable light three-color,
    It doesn't make you eye pain, suitable for homework and reading.
    The exterior design is very stylish,
    Nightlight wireless charger multi-purpose two-in-one

  33. S***t

    Logistics is very fast and discount coupons buy 've .led lighting allows you to charge for easy and fast for it.
    Men sister too like the seller recommend to you thank you.
    Led three color lights can be adjusted,
    Snow Without Africa South Sister homework or reading books suitable for use when.
    Appearance design is very stylish and
    Wireless Charger night light two-in-one Multi-function
    Charge the phone does not need to plug in and phone Interphone face of loss also give each.

  34. G***n

    빠른 배송, 그것을 얻은 후에 매우 편리하게 느끼십시오,
    사용하기 쉽고 특히 밤에 이불 속에 숨어 휴대폰을 볼 때 눈이 아프지 않습니다.
    매우 실용적이고 비용 효율적이며 멋지게 보입니다.

    no remark no remark

  35. V***r

    A very good wireless charging,
    Very practical, charge sensitive,
    It can also be used as night light,
    The price is very cheap,
    The surface feels very comfortable,
    Charging the iPhone is no problem

    no remark no remark no remark

  36. M***l

    Friend is received a recommendation of this wireless charger is me feel very good.
    Very pleasantly surprised Oh very adore
    Mainly for this wireless charger is because many function
    Charger are available and night lights are also available.
    Thank you for friend's recommendation.
    Good product to buy LL

  37. C***r

    I wood grain bought and living very adore
    Many functions.
    I got it when the test.
    Walkie Talkie successfully did arrangements.
    USB connection for the charge.
    At night when read book mobile phone night lights turn on the eyes can protect.

  38. V***e

    I looks like
    The surface is very comfortable
    Mobile phone, make you can charge.
    For iPhone charging and fast charge.
    Convenient packaging is also very good.
    Reading the eyes does not break.

  39. H***A

    Wireless Charger, too surprised.
    Design is very mind to listen
    Small night light brought a high
    At the same time can charge for mobile phone.
    Night light is still warm white light can be adjust.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  40. P***t

    The product is very good,
    The appearance is also very high,
    The load rate is good,
    I bought it for my friends and my friends are very happy to receive it. I am very satisfied.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  41. A***l

    It's easy to load. It is easy to load 。
    This is a beautiful design table lamp/charger.
    LED light has three levels and can be used as night light.
    If you need to get up in the middle of the night,
    Like reading lamp or bright light.
    I highly recommend this product.

    no remark no remark no remark

  42. S***s

    The logistics is very fast, it takes less than 10 days to receive the product, charging is normal and there are three kinds of light debuggens
    It is great.

    no remark no remark no remark

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